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Wet cleaning mops

For easy, quick and powerful cleaning of waterproof floors such as tiles, laminate, parquet, PVC or linoleum, we recommend our WetCleanMops. The wet 5-in-1 cleaning mops consist of three innovative layers: a dirt-binding, structured microfibre viscose layer for cleaning, an absorbent cellulose layer soaked with 100 ml cleaning fluid and a protective layer to prevent the mop holder from being contaminated with dirty water.

The WetCleanMops are available in white for all-purpose areas with the scent summer freshness or in red for the sanitary and bathroom area with the scent lemon. The 5-in-1 WetCleanMops already contain the perfectly pre-dosed combination of cleaning agents, moisture, fragrance and care products. One WetCleanMop is sufficient for an area of approx. 25 m² and can either be disposed of as a single use product or washed under running water and remoistened. The area coverage per application can be increased up to 100 m² by using our spray mop handle with 500 ml liquid tank. For customers who would like to use their own cleaning agent, the cleaning mops are also available in unimpregnated form in the colours white and red. The mops can be soaked in our soaking bags, buckets or cleaning trolleys.


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