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Graffiti & Pen

We all know them from the cityscape and most of them are annoyed about it: Graffiti tags, Eding tags and stickers on house walls, on street signs, traffic lights, electricity pylons, mailboxes, distribution boxes, trams, buses, trains, cars, shop windows. 

For this purpose we have developed the 4-in-1 Graffiti & Pen Cleaning Wipes with which you can easily and quickly remove paint smears from spray paints, spray cans, felt pens as well as labels and stickers from smooth surfaces such as metal, glass and many plastics. The contained solvent is based on sunflower oil and is also used by the German Railway for graffiti removal on ICE's and trains. The 4-in-1 Graffiti & Pen Cleaning Wipes are perfect against any kind of vandalism and are used by property managers, caretakers, property owners, public order offices, building cleaners and the police. The cleaning cloths are perfect colour dissolvers and label removers. With the cleaning lotions, particularly stubborn dirt can be pre-treated and pre-dissolved. Damage caused by vandalism can be removed quickly and economically.


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