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Dry cleaning mops

Dry cleaning is the most effective cleaning method for removing loose fine dirt (dust, fluff) and coarse dirt (sand, pebbles) from floor surfaces. This loosely applied dirt is the most common dirt on floor surfaces and contains the majority of germs on floors.

Dry cleaning is a very simple cleaning method as the cleaning material hardly needs any preparation and can be done without access to electricity or water. The dry mops used for this purpose have very good dirt and dust binding properties due to 3D relief structures, adhesive and adhesive-based dust binding layers. Dry cleaning is at the same time a very hygienic cleaning method, because without moisture microorganisms cannot multiply, i.e. they are not fed.

In comparison to sweeping, it does not lead to any dust whirling up. Even germs are not carried between the areas, as with vacuum cleaning, as they are blown out again by filter systems. All in all, dry cleaning is the faster and more cost-effective method for floor cleaning, as it exceeds wet cleaning by twice (550 m²/h dry vs. 250 m²/h wet cleaning) in terms of area performance and also requires hardly any equipment.


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