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Various studies have repeatedly shown that pathogens can survive on textiles for a long time and that infections can be triggered by textiles, such as cleaning mops. For this reason, disposable disinfection mops should always be used to prevent the spread of germs. This will save you washing and reprocessing and reduce the risk of infection in clinics, doctors' surgeries and medical and nursing facilities.

We have developed DesiMops disinfection mops for hygienically perfect surface disinfection and floor disinfection, which distribute commercially available surface disinfectants evenly over the surface via the optimised storage layer system. At the same time the DesiMops have excellent cleaning properties due to the coarse-structured microfibre-viscose cleaning layer. The range of the DesiMops is up to 35 m² per mop depending on the surface. The DesiMops can be impregnated with an impregnation volume of up to 170 ml either in the dispenser box or in the impregnation bag developed for this purpose. For the DesiMops there are 4-field tests (EN16615) for Ecolab Incidin Plus and Bode Microbac Forte


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