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Absorbent mops

Often, not only must dirt be removed from the floor, but also excessive liquids such as water, urine, blood and drinks must be removed without dripping and without carrying germs. For this purpose we have developed our absorption mops or absorption mops with an absorption volume of up to 275 ml per mop! The absorbed liquid is stored safely and drip-free in the storage layer of the mop, just like in a diaper. The Velcro mop holder is protected against soiling by a germ protection foil. The mop can be easily disposed of after use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination to almost zero.

The absorbent mop is used in the following areas: In the medical sector (clinics and medical practices, MVZ) such as operating theatres, on geriatric wards, maternity wards, emergency rooms. In the care sector (nursing homes, nursing services) in outpatient day care, nursing homes or home care. In the field of restaurants, grocery stores and cafes for quick absorption of spilled drinks. In the field of building cleaning to remove water accumulations in winter and autumn in entrance areas. In kindergartens, schools and swimming pools to absorb urine and liquids.  


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