Hygienic Cleanliness

First Ready-2-use system for
cleaning & disinfection.

We are manufacturers of innovative Ready-2-use products for cleaning and disinfection.
Our products combine clever disposable cleaning textiles with highly effective cleaning and disinfecting agents. 


CleaningBox™ products already contain the perfectly pre-dosed combination of cleaning detergents, moisture as well as fragrances and care ingredients.

The clever CleaningBox™ disposable system combines the advantages of dry and wet cleaning and provides users with enormous time and cost savings. CleaningBox™ means: cleaning and disinfection...easier than ever before!

The revolution in cleaning & disinfection

Surface cleaning so far

Touch for change

Surface cleaning now

All in one Wipe

Floor cleaning so far

Touch for change

Floor cleaning now

pre impregnated mops


Better in terms of application, cost, time, environment and hygiene.


The pre-impregnated and perfectly pre-dosed disposable cleaning wipes and mops are immediately ready for use and super intuitive to use. Dosing errors are impossible. Expensive and complicated dosing technology is not necessary.


With the CleaningBox™ disposable system, the complete preparation and post-processing of cleaning material is no longer necessary. You save washing, transport and logistics costs! The costs of cleaning per m² are significantly reduced.


CleaningBox™ products can be used immediately - set-up times are completely eliminated. At the same time, considerably larger surfaces can be cleaned or disinfected in less time.The training and instruction times of new employees are reduced to a minimum by colour coding and pictograms.


The use of water and chemicals in cleaning can be reduced to a minimum due to optimal pre-impregnation and the elimination of the need for treatment. The unnecessary discharge of chemicals and micro fibres (micro plastic) into the environment is thus prevented. At the same time, the use of biodegradable cleaning agents, compostable viscose fibres and the avoidance of water-intensive cotton fibres additionally protects the environment.


The single use of the products reliably prevents the spread of germs and ensures maximum hygiene. The four-colour hygiene system, which is separated by colour, allows cleaning and disinfection areas to be separated easily and safely. Keeping to cleaning and hygiene plans has never been easier.

One system for complete cleaning and disinfection

For B2B and B2C

Over time and in cooperation with our customers, a complete cleaning and disinfection system has been developed from the individual products, which today is used in the following industries:
  • Medical & Care
  • Contract cleaning
  • Schools & kindergartens
  • Hotels & Pensions
  • Restaurants & Retail Shops
  • Food industry
In addition to commercial customers, more and more private customers (families, singles and pensioners) are convinced of the advantages of CleaningBox™ products and actively use them for cleaning at home and on the road.
  • Camping & Caravan with the CaravanWipes
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle with the BikeWipes
  • Sneakers & Sport shoes with the FreshSneakerWipes

Customer groups and their advantages with CleaningBox™

Icon B2B

Private User

Families, Singles, Pensioners Simple & ecologically sustainable

Icon Box Zahnrad

One system for all cleaning tasks according to an intuitive colour concept

Icon Box Grün

Ready-2-use and perfectly pre-dosed

Icon Box grün Sprechblase

Easy to use and child resistant

Icon Achtung grün

No hazardous substances, biodegradable detergents, free of animal testing

Icon Recycle

Home bio-compostable textiles, packaging made of recycled plastic

Icon Recycle

Skin-friendly & gentle to surfaces

Icon Box Grün Pokal

So quick and easy, cleaning is fun again

Icon Büro

Profi User

Cleaning Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Industry, Retail
Time and cost saving

Icon Blau Einkaufswagen

A complete system for cleaning & disinfection

Icon Blau Flamme

Ready-2-use without set-up times

Icon Blau Liste

No more complicated washing, drying and back and forth transport

Icon Box Blau

Intuitive simple colour system minimises application errors & training

Icon Box blau kreis

Intuitive simple colour system minimises application errors & training

Icon Box blau kreis

Saving of cleaning chemicals through perfect pre-dosing

Icon Box blau kreis

Hygienically perfect without germ transfer

Icon Box blau kreis

Skin-friendly, gentle on surfaces and light weight

Icon Pokal Blau

Increasing cleaning quality and rising productivity

Icon Medizin

Medical & Care

Clinics, Medical Practices, Medical Facilities, Nursing Homes, Nursing Services Hygienic and cost-saving

Icon Box Einkaufswagen

A complete disposable system for cleaning & disinfection

Icon Box Flamme

Ready-2-use without set-up times

Icon Box Pipette

No more germ transfers due to single use

Icon Box 3

Intuitive simple colour system minimises application errors & training

Icon Box klein

Hygienically perfect without germ transfer

Icon Box klein

All Certificates and approvals

Icon Box klein

Skin-friendly, gentle on surfaces and light weight

Icon Box Pokal

Increasing cleaning quality and hygiene

Hygienic Cleanliness out of the Box

Icon Box Bio

Ecologically sustainable

5in1 - Compostable WetCleanWipes



Disinfection of all surfaces

Icon Micronet


5in1 - Microfibre WetCleanWipes

5 in 1 Reinigungsmittel


5in1 - General purpose and sanitary

Icon Aufsaugvolumen

Absorbent mops

absorbent spill mops

Icon Trocken Mopps

Dry mops

Fine & coarse dirt mops

Surface disinfection


100% Disinfection

Soakable disinfectant mops for cleaning and floor disinfection - compatible with all surface disinfectants


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About us

From the Practice for the Practice

CleaningBox GmbH was founded by Robert Fleischhauer as a spin-off of his own cleaning company with over 100 employees. Based on his experience in the field of cleaning and hygiene, a worldwide unique system of Ready-2-use products for cleaning and disinfection has been developed over the years, which is now used by thousands of families, companies and medical institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for their cleaning and disinfection.

As one of the most innovative companies on the market, we manufacture in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our employees are highly trained and focus on each customer and his wishes.

We continuously innovate and improve our products while taking the environment into account, based on close interaction with our customers.

The focus is always - to offer the customer even better Ready-2-use cleaning and disinfection products to make cleanliness and hygiene even easier and more efficient.

We support our customers with advice and training in the implementation of our cleaning system. This philosophy is also followed by our sales partners and specialist dealers.

Discover the advantages of the CleaningBox™ products and contact us!

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